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At Canada Citizenship Immigration Services we look forward to welcoming you to our process, and helping you come to Canada. By registering with our company, you will be introduced to your individual Immigration Consultant, and will be provided with a personal profile on the Online Immigration System. With guidance from our consultants, you will create your immigration profile. Once your profile has been completed it will be reviewed by your RCIC who will provide a confirmation of your eligibility, as well as information about the Immigration Programs that are most suited to your situation and your goals. We will be guiding you through the entire immigration process. 

Step 1 - Registration and Assessment:

This registration step is designed to find out what options you have in order to ensure your immigration program is best suited to your individual (or family) situation and needs.

Based on an initial consultation, your case will be reviewed by our experienced RCIC team, your personal details and documents will be assessed and you will receive a report that provides a breakdown of the active immigration programs that are best-suited for your immigration profile.

This will show us and you the best pathway to bring you to Canada, and will give us clear information of the necessary immigration process.

Step 2 - Full Immigration Support:

Once the first stage is completed and you have received the report from your initial assessment, you will find out if you are eligible to continue. You will receive recommendations for the immigration programs that are best suited to you. You will be able to make an informed choice and select the immigration plan you wish to pursue.

Should you decide to proceed with the process, you will need to choose your program at this point. Once you have selected a program, we can make a plan for the completion of your process.

Every aspiring immigrant has different needs and priorities for what will make their immigration successful. To ensure we can support you in the best way, we have developed additional services that provide support in the areas that are most important, such as:

  • English/French training courses for language exams (IELTS/TEF)
  • Travel and logistic support to assist with your transportation to Canada
  • Fast-tracking of the case for express processing
  • Accommodation assistance to help you in finding a place to live
  • Education assistance to help you arrange your studies in Canada
  • Employment assistance to help you track down suitable employment

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Our Service Packages and Fees

Our Service Packages and Fees

Through our years of experience we have developed a variety of services to support the clients we work with. This enables us to provide the best suited immigration consultancy for each candidate’s individual situation.

One of the main decisions that will make a difference to your journey will be the choice of the best immigration program. Therefore, depending on which program you qualify for, this will guide us to the legal support package that is right for your case.

Federal Package

This is our offer for candidates interested in national programs, such as Express Entry.
These programs do not require candidates to live in a certain location in Canada, but are more focused on offering key employment or investment opportunities.

Starting from:


Provincial Package

This is our offer for candidates interested in provincial programs, which are currently the most popular immigration stream. These offer many different regional employment or investment opportunities.

Once nominated by the selected province, the candidate is effectively guaranteed successful immigration.

Starting from:


Student Package

The opportunity to come to Canada as a Student opens a wide world of the finest educational institutions available for young people.

Many opportunities are made available through the Canadian student programs, allowing students to reside, study and work upon arrival in Canada.

Starting from: