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A Canadian study permit enables you to study in Canada’s top notch institutions of higher learning. This permit is required in many cases where foreign nationals enroll to study in Canada. It’s important to note this is not a visa. With the study permit, you will require some type of visa to allow you entry into Canada and have an extended stay. Most people who wish to study in Canada opt for a visitor visa with their study permit, as its requirements are easier to fulfill and the fees are lower. This enables them to enter and stay in Canada for 6 consecutive months. Should your study period be longer, you can get another visitor visa to extend your stay or get a visa for a longer stay – depending on what your individual needs and goals are. The application for the study permit should be made before leaving for Canada, and once your study permit is approved, you can use it in your application for a visitor visa. You are allowed to travel outside of Canada during the duration of your study permit, but make sure you can provide proof of your school enrollment upon your return to Canada.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Enroll in a DLI learning institution (a learning institution which was designated by its province to enroll foreign nationals). A DLI school acceptance letter will be required. 
  2. Provide proof of sufficient funds for tuition, living expenses for you and any family members joining you in Canada, and return transport for you and any family members who join you. 
  3. Have a clean criminal record. In some cases you may be required to produce a police certificate. 
  4. Be in good health. In some cases a medical exam will be required. 
  5. Provide proof of intent to leave Canada before the expiration date on your study permit. 

Your responsibilities

Unlike other visas and permits, this one has a specific purpose: education. Therefor, this visa comes with specific responsibilities which you are held up to whilst in Canada: 

  1. Make progress towards completing your study program.
  2. Do not disrespect conditions listed on your study permit.
  3. Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements.
  4. Leave Canada by the time your permit expires.

Conditions which might be specified in your study permit:

  • Whether you’re allowed to work in Canada.
  • Whether you’re allowed to travel within Canada.
  • The date you must stop studying.

These conditions are not in all study permits, but they may appear in some cases.